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Common Questions About Text Neck

Knoxville Chiropractor Answers Common Questions about Text Neck

The ability to text anyone from your phone is marvelous, but all that texting and app usage takes its toll on your neck, spine, and arms. "Text neck," in particular, has become very common, but you can stretch and change your posture to alleviate the problem. This painful condition also can be prevented and soothed when you visit a chiropractor in Knoxville.

man walking while looking down at his cell phone

What Is Text Neck and Why Does It Happen?

"Text neck" is sort of a misnomer. It refers to the neck pain that you can experience when you've been looking down at your phone for too long -- that hunched-over, head-dropped posture that places a strain on your upper spine. The pain can occur whether you text, read websites on your phone's browser, read ebooks, and so on; you don't necessarily have to be texting actively to develop the condition.

As you look at your phone, you tend to round your upper back and drop your head because you also tend to keep your phone close to your body. With your phone, you often touch the screen, move your fingers, and so on, and it's easier to do that when holding the phone close and resting your upper arms alongside your torso. It's less efficient to hold the phone up and then constantly bring it in toward your body so you can tap the screen.

Preventing Text Neck

Prevention isn't that hard but does require habit changes. Rest your arms on a table or pillow instead of clamping them to the sides of your body. Sit up straight; try to use your phone when sitting in a chair with good back support. And do stretches: Squeeze a stress ball, extend your fingers in a stretch, and occasionally stretch your arms backward to help "open up" your chest and shoulder areas.

Work With a Chiropractor to Solve Text Neck

West Knoxville Chiropractic has appointments available for you. Contact us at (865) 287-5904 and arrange to see a chiropractor at our Knoxville location.