B12 Injections for Health & Wellness

What are the benefits of B12?

B12 injections are well known to improve energy and stamina. B12 vitamin also plays an important role in immune function in the body. B12 helps your body produce white blood cells which helps your body fight off infection.

B12 has also been shown to improve sleep quality and duration. B12 can also help the body have better metabolism and improved mental clarity.

Facts About Vitamin B12

When we age our body tends to absorb less B12 vitamin from foods. Researchdemonstrates that 85% of us come up short of the needed vitamin from our
diet. In order to absorb B12 from our stomachs, our body requires a substance called intrinsic factor. The production of intrinsic factor decreases with age.

Research has also demonstrated that people no longer have intrinsic factor after the age of 70. People that have anemia or chronic fatigue require regular injections of Vitamin B12 because the oral form is not as reliable.

B12 is important for the nervous system. It helps produce myelin which insulates nerves and is critical for a proper functioning nervous system.

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