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“Let me tell you my story about how I became a chiropractor. …”

knoxville chiropractor Dr. Nathan LeavittSeveral years ago my uncle gave me the opportunity to work at his clinic as a therapy assistant. After working there for a short period of time, I was amazed at what he was doing.  He was helping people with all sorts of different conditions, and he was doing it naturally.

I didn’t have any major health problems myself, just minor aches and pains in my back.  I was surprised my uncle still treated me even though my pains were minor.  I thought they were normal.  I was amazed at how much better I felt after the treatment. The adjustment didn’t hurt, it actually felt good.   I didn’t have any aches or pains any more and I noticed that I didn’t get sick as much.  I also felt like I had more energy.

I was so amazed by the miracles that I saw in my uncle’s office that I decided to go to Chiropractic school myself.  It’s strange how life is because now people come to see me with their health problems. I enjoy helping people out of pain to live a better quality of life.

A Chiropractic Education

I went to school at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  I was initially interested in going there because it was the school my uncle attended and I knew he had a good experience there.  After researching some of the other chiropractic schools I learned that Palmer College of Chiropractic was the first school of chiropractic in the world.  It was started by the founder of Chiropractic, Daniel David Palmer, in 1897.  I learned that it was an excellent chiropractic school and I felt it would be the best place to receive my chiropractic education.

I learned that many of the courses in chiropractic school were the same as medical school. It was challenging but rewarding.

I was grateful for the education I obtained there not just for my future patients, but for myself and my family.  I learned how to really be healthy and not just out of pain.  Now I’m better able to take care of my own health and the health of my family.

On a Personal Note…

I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children when I’m not at work.  We love getting outside whenever possible, especially camping and hiking. There are many sports I like but basketball and golf are my favorites.  I also enjoy serving in the church I attend.

I believe that chiropractic care is important for myself and family.  My wife and children regularly receive chiropractic care; my kids even love to jump up on the chiropractic table and get adjusted.  I am adjusted by another chiropractor that I work with, we perform chiropractic treatments on each other which helps us keep our spine and body healthy.  I also believe that exercise and diet is important so I work out at the gym regularly and include weight lifting, stretching and cardiovascular exercise in my routine.

Thanks for Visiting

I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how I can be of service to you.  Feel free to give our Knoxville chiropractic office a call or email me and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.


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