Common Questions about Shoulder Pain

Common Questions About Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain brings a few main questions to the minds of sufferers, but they can be broken down into just two: What is making my shoulder hurt, and how can the pain be stopped? Here is some information to help you answer them:

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What is Making My Shoulder Hurt?

There are several reasons your shoulder can become painful. Here are the top ones:

  • Strains and sprains - They can result from overuse, improper twisting, or impacts that force the shoulder's connective tissue to stretch beyond its limits. Treatments like massage can speed the healing process and reduce pain.
  • Bursitis - Bursitis is the inflammation of the sac-like bursae that are near the joint. They can be inflamed by overuse of the joint, pressure from things like sleeping in a bad position, or even by infection.
  • Rotator cuff injuries - The rotator cuff is the group of ligaments, tendons, and muscles that surround the shoulder joint. This group is responsible for keeping your shoulder joint in place, rotating your arm, and similar functions. Corrective exercise is usually prescribed when it is injured.
  • Dislocation - A dislocated shoulder will certainly hurt, and you may be unable to move your arm. This requires a doctor's treatment, both to put it back into place and to help strengthen the connective tissue so it stays in position.
  • Tendonitis - Tendonitis is the inflammation of one or more tendons in the shoulder. Often, corrective exercise and massage will bring relief.
  • Frozen shoulder - Frozen shoulder involves the thickening of the capsule of the shoulder joint. This thickening can take up space the joint needs in order to move well. It is believed to involve a build-up of scar tissue.

Contact Our Local Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain Treatment

A chiropractor will examine your shoulder, the other joints in your arm, and your back before prescribing treatment. Treatment will be centered on correcting any imbalances or misalignments found. It can include chiropractic alignments, massage therapy, and corrective exercises, among other things. To be evaluated for your shoulder pain, just make an appointment with us here at West Knoxville Chiropractic in Knoxville, TN.

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