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Chiropractic Adjustment Is Just the Beginning

physical therapy chiropractor patientJust as every case of pain, injury or illness is different, there is no one treatment method that automatically suits every need. Here at the offices of Dr. Nathan E. Leavitt, D.C. in Knoxville, we employ multiple healing modalities, often in combination with each other, to ensure that our patients achieve optimal recovery and maintain a higher state of wellness for life. Dr. Nathan Leavitt's many services and techniques include the following:

Thompson Technique - This technique, originally developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson in the 1950s, allows our Knoxville chiropractor to apply focused, low-force, high-velocity adjustments to a specific segment of the spinal column. The core of the technique is the segmented drop table that you lie upon for your treatment. The "drop" refers to the headpiece, which drops slightly with every adjustment so that less force is exerted on patient and chiropractor alike.

Gonstead Technique - The creation of Dr. Clarence Gonstead, the Gonstead Technique is a supremely accurate method for performing small chiropractic adjustments. Our Knoxville chiropractor uses a special instrument called a Novoscope to detect tiny elevations in heat that indicate inflammation points. Palpation and x-rays may also be used. Once we have pinpointed the place that needs correcting, we can fix it using tiny motions and minimal force.

Diversified Technique - Diversified Technique is a completely manual chiropractic method that delivers a relatively deep, high-velocity thrust to the area of spine requiring treatment. It is typically used to restore freedom of motion within a joint. This technique produces a characteristic "popping" noise, signaling the result of gases escaping harmlessly from within the joint.

Activator Method - Subtlety is the watchword of this technique. A spring-loaded device called an Activator delivers highly-focused, low-force adjustments so quickly that muscles don't even have time to stiffen in resistance, which makes the adjustment that much more effective. No manual manipulation of the joint is required in this form of treatment. 

Pettibon Technique - The Pettitbon Technique puts movement and weight to work on your alignment issues. Special exercises limber up the joints and connective tissues and re-hydrate flattened vertebral discs. We then evaluate your vertical alignment and attach weights to the body accordingly. The weights alter the tension of the muscles supporting your spinal column, correcting imbalances.

Electric muscle stimulation - The application of tiny voltages through electrodes attached to the body can help relieve edema, pain, muscle spasms and stiffness, while also boosting the circulation to an ill or injured area. It is also useful for restoring tone to atrophied muscles (such as the weak neck an auto accident victim might have after spending weeks in a cervical brace).

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Our chiropractor in Knoxville can evaluate your condition and tell you which of our services and techniques make the most sense for you. Contact the office of Dr. Nathan E. Leavitt, D.C. today to schedule a consultation.


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