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Knee Pain Treatment with our West Knoxville Chiropractor

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The knee is an intricate joint that experiences a great deal of use over time. The internal structures can become damaged, leading to pain, swelling, loss of strength and problems with flexibility. Whether you have experienced a knee injury or have pain related to age or overuse, Dr. Nathan Leavitt at West Knoxville Chiropractic can provide relief from discomfort and help you achieve better physical function.

Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain can develop due to a wide variety of situations. In some cases, an ACL tear or other injury occurs during athletic pursuits. Small fractures of the bones in the joint can occur, such as during auto accidents or falls. The bursa or tendons of the knee can become inflamed and painful. In some cases, mechanical problems within the knee itself can occur from overuse. Even normal wear and tear can occur in the knee joint, a problem that occurs with aging.

Common Symptoms of Knee Problems

Individuals often experience pain that comes and goes with movement or may have chronic discomfort that affects their ability to do normal work tasks or to enjoy recreational activities. There may be swelling of the joint, redness of the area or warmth to the touch. The individual may have difficulty straightening the knee completely or may hear popping or crunching sounds during movement. The knee may feel unstable or weak when standing or walking. Individuals often find they avoid walking, preferring to sit to avoid discomfort.

Knee Pain Treatment

Conventional medicine often relies on strong medications for pain, injections into the knee joint or surgery that requires extended periods of recovery. Chiropractic care offers another option that is both drug-free and non-invasive. A variety of chiropractic techniques can be used to treat knee pain. Stresses placed on knee joint from an incorrect alignment of the spinal column can benefit from adjustments that correct this problem. The Gonstead technique can help to determine the areas of inflammation. Electrical stimulation can improve muscle function to support injured joints. Cold laser therapy can help to stimulate healing. These methods can produce a noticeable improvement in both comfort level and function.

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