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Common Questions About Neck Pain from our Knoxville Chiropractor

Most people suffer neck pain at some point, and it often goes away over time. In some cases, you might find that it either doesn't go away or it hurts too much to wait for unaided healing. That's when it's a good idea to come and see us here at West Knoxville Medical and Chiropractic. Here is some information about what could have caused your neck pain and what can be done to stop it without the need for drugs or surgery.

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What Causes Neck Pain?

Sudden Injuries

Sudden injuries often cause spinal misalignments as well as problems like sprains and strains. Nerve problems may therefore result. Tingling, numbness, and/or weakness in your neck, shoulders, or arms are symptoms of nerve involvement. A good example of this type of injury is whiplash.

Postural Problems

Poor posture can, over the course of years, cause your tendons and ligaments to become too tight in some areas and too loose in others. This imbalance can pull your spine out of alignment and make it hard or impossible to correct your posture on your own. Text neck, caused by letting your head drop forward in order to look at your mobile device for hours on end, is one of the most common examples of neck pain that comes from poor posture.

In some cases, poor posture doesn't take long to cause pain. One thing that can cause this sort of injury is "craning your neck" to see something that's not right in front of you and holding the pose for a few hours. Watching live fireworks shows is one thing that can bring on this sort of pain.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

In many cases, a chiropractor's treatment will include spinal adjustments. This is because neck problems often cause the cervical vertebrae to be moved out of position. Auto accidents and other sudden traumas are especially prone to causing such problems.

Other treatments can be called for as well. Therapeutic stretches and exercises, massage therapy, and lifestyle adjustment may all be needed. Other treatments may also be recommended depending on your specific injury. This is especially common for neck pain that results from long-term postural issues.

Can Future Neck Pain be Avoided?

While it's impossible to prevent all accidents, there is much you can do to reduce the chance of recurrent posture-related pain. Your chiropractor will advise you on changes to make to your stance, working habits, and other activities to avoid further injury to your neck.

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