Digital Range of Motion

The human hand is an important part of what makes human beings so adaptable, versatile, and powerful. Our hands can do nearly any job, and any job they cannot do, the hands can craft a tool that can! We use our hands for just about everything we do.


Because of this constant use, and because the muscles and tendons in our hands are forced to run through channels of limited space to function, arthritic symptoms, repetitive motion conditions, and tendinitis are common conditions that affect our digital range of motion.

Treating Conditions that Limit Digital Range of Motion 

Here at West Knoxville Medical and Chiropractic in Knoxville, TN, we treat patients with digital range of motion limitations and related conditions regularly.

Over time, strength and range of motion in the wrists, hands, and fingers tends to decrease. For those who work with their hands daily like mechanics, typists, craftsmen, and many more, a lack of strength and range of motion in the hands can develop slowly over time. All too often, the effects are so subtle and develop so slowly that we fail to notice them. Our bodies and our subconscious minds will compensate for these losses and we may not even realize we are developing them until the problem becomes too advanced to ignore. It is for this reason that our team takes special care to measure strength and range of motion in the wrists, hands, and fingers.

We measure digital range of motion using the JTEC range of motion medical goniometers and techniques. These devices and methods enable our chiropractor and chiropractic support team to measure, quantify, and qualify the range of motion of your fingers, hands, and wrists.

Using this critical biometric information, we can develop chiropractic treatments that can restore digital strength and range of motion.

Chiropractic Treatments for Digital Range of Motion

Chiropractic medicine is ideal for treating many kinds of musculoskeletal conditions. Using a range of therapies, we can restore strength and flexibility, allowing you to work and to enjoy life fully. Treatments include:

  • Flexibility training: Regular stretching exercises can restore and maintain flexibility and range of motion if done regularly and properly.
  • Rehabilitative strength training: Strengthening the muscles of the hands and forearms is key to the healing process.
  • Heat and cold: Heat and cold can soothe tendons, joints, and muscles as well as stimulate better circulation to the affected areas.
  • Lifestyle counseling: With proper ergonomics, posture, and nutrition, you can learn to reduce and avoid the development of loss of digital range of motion.

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