Whiplash FAQs

If you are experiencing pain due to whiplash, the discomfort can reduce your range of motion and prevent you from participating in the hobbies you enjoy. Not only that, but the condition can also become chronic when it is not treated on time. At West Knoxville Medical and Chiropractic in Knoxville, TN, we provide various treatments to reduce your symptoms and help you recover. Before visiting us, take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding whiplash below:


Why Does Whiplash Occur?

Whiplash occurs when your head is moved forward and backward suddenly during an auto accident. As a result, the soft and hard tissues in your neck, back, and head can be strained and damaged. While whiplash can often produce neck pain immediately, some symptoms may not appear until hours or days later. Even if you are not experiencing any noticeable signs, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent further complications.

Can Rest Help Me Heal?

Since whiplash can cause misalignments in your spine, rest may not help you heal properly. Due to this, it’s important to seek chiropractor care. If treatment is delayed, you can experience chronic aches and pains.

How do Chiropractors Treat Whiplash?

When you visit us, we will speak with you about your symptoms and perform a thorough evaluation to learn more about your condition. Afterward, we can develop a treatment plan for your specific needs. Our chiropractor can use a variety of hands-on treatments to relieve your pain and prevent injuries from occurring in the future. Some methods we may utilize include spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and therapeutic exercises.

Our chiropractor takes on a holistic approach to pain relief, which means we focus on treating the root cause of the discomfort rather than just masking the symptoms. As a result, you can heal quickly and enjoy long-lasting relief.

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