Medical Aesthetics

Age, the environment, stress, and genetics all play a role in creating wrinkles on the face. While you can't change some of these things, you can turn them around through the use of medical aesthetics. At West Knoxville, Medical and Chiropractic in Knoxville, TN, our chiropractor is trained in the art of medical aesthetics. We offer Botox, PRP aesthetics, and dermal fillers that reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and deep grooves. 


Botox Stops Forehead and Eye Wrinkles

Botox is an injectable treatment that stops wrinkles from appearing on the forehead, crow's feet around the eyes, and frown lines between the eyebrows. Botox is known as a paralytic due to the fact it stops face muscles from moving. Over time, the muscles in the upper face are prone to pleating and creating the wrinkles you see in the mirror. Judicious use of Botox prevents the muscles from moving and stops the pleating action. Botox is temporary but is easily refreshed without long-term harm or damage to the skin and muscles.

Dermal Fillers Plump Up Wrinkles and Creases

The contours of the face tend to lose their curves due to an aging process known as volume loss. Collagen production in the face slows down which results in deeper lines and hollow cheeks. Lips also lose volume through the same process. Dermal fillers replace that loss through the use of an injectable gel-like substance in these areas of the face to restore a fresh appearance. Fillers are made from bio-safe material that is gradually absorbed by the body without harm and can be refreshed with new injections. 

PRP Aesthetics Use Your Platelets to Restore Your Skin

PRP aesthetics, or platelet-rich plasma, uses your platelets to stimulate the body to generate new collagen and elastin at the injection site. Our chiropractor will begin by drawing your blood. It's then processed in the lab in a centrifuge that separates the plasma and platelets from the blood. This treated plasma is rich in regenerative properties. Treatment is much the same as an injectable, but instead of a filler, you're receiving your platelet-plasma which will stimulate your body's collagen and elastin production. This process allows your body to reverse volume loss, and your links and wrinkles will fill up.

Medical Aesthetics in Knoxville, TN

At West Knoxville Medical and Chiropractic, we have years of experience providing residents of Knoxville, TN, with medical aesthetic services. For more information on Botox, dermal fillers, PRP aesthetics, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (865) 287-5904.


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